Games that Educate your Children through Entertainment

The ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic outbreak stopped our routine life and we are not allowed to go outside so that the virus does not spread massively. These days, we locked ourselves indoor including our family. Some of us working from home. In leisure, we are watching movies, reading books, or spending time on favorite drama on Television or YouTube! But what about our children? What entertainment or passtime we arranged for them in these locked days? We all know that by nature they are enthusiastic to play outside and not very eager to stay home. Even, some parents are posting their worrisome in social media that how to manage their children during these obvious stays home!

By instinct, parents focus more on children’s wellbeing. So, they do not encourage children much on playing internet games as they might get addicted to it. But what if, playing games become a powerful tool of education and develop certain life skills! Or, a playing game may supplement to their classroom teaching! If you are looking for entertaining ways to taught your children, Riseup Labs, in association with UNICEF brings two games for you that will educate and help increase social knowledge of your children through entertainment. Here you go:

‘Meena Game’

Meena Game - Available in App Store & Google Play - Developed by Riseup Labs

If you are a parent from the generation of the 90s, you must recognize the very popular cartoon characters: Meena, Raju, and Mithu, which is still in our hearts. At that time, Meena cartoon played an important role in changing social norms to expose social problems through some dialogic animations, creating awareness and giving solutions to those problems all over the world. Likewise, in Meena Games, Meena, a nine-year-old spirited girl, who braves all the odds – whether in her efforts to go to school or in fighting the discrimination against children. The stories, level, graphics, control and music of the game will motivate your child through playing a game.

Game Features

The game has 14 levels with more than 50 unique mini-games. It also has more than 35 characters along with 150 animations. To find the game, search now to App Store or Google Play Store, and install the game in your mobile.

‘Safe Internet for Children’

Safe Internet for Children - Quiz Game - ICT Division and UNICEF - Developed by Riseup Labs

Todays’ children spent much time on internet-based digital platforms. But we all agreed that the contents they are consuming are not as worthy as we want. The internet is undoubtedly the best resource for information but children and adolescents may get derailed using it. They should know how to be safe while surfing on the web. To bring positivity in internet using, Riseup Labs in partnership with UNICEF, developed a quiz game to keep your children interested in constructive ways. In this game, children can answer different questions on different topics based on safe internet and get a certificate. The certificate can be downloaded by selecting any language both in Bangla or English.

Game Features

The MCQ based learning web game has five levels with instruction and speech. It has animated background elements where text and voice are synchronized. It allows to create multiple profiles to play and the game is open for all devices.

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