Relationships Beyond the Contract

In today’s B2B market, developing and maintaining long term relationship with your clients is the key. Being honest, maintaining good communications, being available when they need, ability to provide service in emergency periods, and always trying to provide more than their expectations will always help you to create a good long term relationship with your clients. They will trust and listen to you, and you will feel good about the work you do for them. In the process, your relationship builds and expands into bigger and better things.

Here are some tips to make good relation with your clients and further boost your reputation as a strong B2B partner:

1. Get to Know Your Client: How They Work, What They Want and Why

2. Regular Check-in Meetings with Updates and Get Feedbacks

3. Exceed Expectations, Deliver More, and Go Beyond the Contract

4. Embrace Your Role as an Expert

5. Be Transparent, Honest and Reliable Resource for Them

6. Be an Exceptionally Good Communicator

7. Don’t Just Be All Business, Be a Genuine Connection, and Become A Voice That Matters

8. Make Your Clients Successful, Not Only Satisfied

Now there is a big difference between client’s success and client’s satisfaction. Although they’re closely related, but are not the same things. Just because your product has met or exceeded their expectations doesn’t mean that they have achieved their desired result with it yet. Satisfied clients are not always successful clients.

As you can see above, there are different degrees of both satisfaction and success. The goal of your client’s success strategy should be to help as many of your client’s as possible to reach a high level of satisfaction and success with your product.

To take your relationships beyond the contract, your end goal of every project should be to make it successful, not only making clients satisfied. As long as client’s project is successful, your relationship with the client will remain healthy and client will come back again and again with new projects.

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